03 May 2012

A Conversation with Rachael of Jewels By Rach

As Rach of Jewels by Rach says - she likes to make jewellery that stands out and makes people go 'WOW'!  Colourful and vibrant with interesting textures and finishes.  Read on to see what inspires her to do what she does ...

Who is Jewels by Rach?

Hi I’m Rachael like to be called Rach always feels like I’m in trouble when I get called Rachael haha

What’s your “handmade groove ?”

I create unique pieces of Jewellery I like to make things that are WOW that’s funky!

What’s on your bedside table right now? (hey, no tidying up or censoring)

haha Well it’s pretty tidy really just my trusty alarm clock, and a black lantern with a cream candle in it pretty boring really ha!

Who are your creative role models?
What music, books, images, poetry spark your creative fire? I would have to say my Mother is a great creative role model for me she is pretty crafty person which is where I get my talent from.
I also get inspiration from fabric love fabric!

What could you talk late into the night about with like minded people?

Oh gosh would have to be anything crafty from beads to fabric things like that.
How do you balance your creative life with your family, life commitments?

Hmm can be hard sometimes but try and do as much during the day while my son is at school so I can spend time with him at night.

What is your favourite creative screw-up?

Hmm that’s a hard one haha

Kitchen table or studio?

I have a large dining room that I have converted into my office come work space.

Do you have a wish list? Can you tell us what’s on it?

I wish to get my name and designs out there more which is working :)

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