22 July 2012

Online Learning - My New Obsession

I decided earlier this year I wanted to learn some new skills, I have always had an obsession with mixed media jewellery and old rusty "things"  After many hours of searching the internet I signed up for my first online course in jewellery making, this started last weekend.

Just a few things to get me started!!!  I got the dremel for my birthday in March and first time I have gotten to use it.

My work station...in our spare room I moved in last weekend.  Lovve having lots of space.

Some "Frozen Charlottes" that I just love...

My first ever attempt at soldering, I am not a natural and room for improvement...But I am quietly pleased with this...

2nd attempt and this is my daughters favourite, she thinks this would be nice turned into a ring.

I went to the recyclers yesterday and got some copper pipe, I made this bezel last night and pleased at how well it has turned out.  Will add an image later today and some resin...Also have some cool crystals and sari ribbon I want to use to finish it off.

This is the view from my new "creative Space" we planted this Magnolia 2 years ago and cant wait until this flower is fully open.

Now at night instead of going to bed with the latest Susan Lewis novel I am reading metal smithing books for ideas and inspiration!!!

I wish I had started this months ago, we have a facebook page and can talk to other students, ask questions and share knowledge.  They are great for sharing tips on where to buy supplies things to use as an alternative.  One of the best things about online learning you can do it when you want it is available 24 hours a day, and you can sit in your pyjamas with a coffee if you really want.  Well worth considering doing, I have already found another course I want to do once this one is finished!!!! 

Jo - Redlippy

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  1. Looking good Jo, always nice to learn new skills, cheers Marie


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