27 February 2013

Planning & Organisation

For me the biggest headache I get while running my handmade business is the need to be in ten places at the same time. There is just never enough of me to go around family, the day job, promoting my handmade work and actually making my creations.... I am often split between what I call the admin side - you know – answering emails, promoting, listing items online and all the things in between such as photographing, tweeting, face booking, etc and the making side - which is why I got into this 'hobby' in the first place!

So I decided to get organised and try something new. Funny how when we go out to our day jobs we follow a timetable and have breaks or meetings at certain times and make it through the day doing what we can by hometime. However with a stay at home business it is so much easier to get distracted and off-task or work 24/7! SO I am going to implement something I do in my day job all the time. A bit of a trial I guess but I am hopeful it will help.

I am going to schedule my days at home! Literally! I have a template of a daily planner I use for work and on it I am going to make time for the things I want to get done on my home days.

Here are a few things to start my list off
  • Online promoting -facebook, twitter, blogging
  • Listing – at the right times for maximum exposure – not just when I get time!
  • My Creating time – the biggest portion of the day – split into planning, prepping and putting together on different days of the week
  • Exercise – so important when you sit in front of a sewing machine/computer all day
  • Emails – reading and sending
  • Professional Development/Additional Learning/Reading
  • Accounts – yuk – but I learnt the hard way not to leave it tooooo long!!

And I am going to stop work at 6pm – just because its a home job doesn't mean its an all day and all night job – take time to relax and enjoy time with your family!

If you choose to try this then I would love to know how you get on and any pointers you might have for me. You can find more planning templates at http://www.wahm-business-ideas.com You can also add to the list and make it your own. Good luck!


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