16 January 2014

The Department of Curiosities and Fine Things - A New and Unique Creative Retail Venture...

Imagine you work for a big organisation. In an office. You have a desk and a chair and everyday you turn up and sit, and wait. But nothing ever happens.
You begin to suspect that the department has been here so long that the Organisation has forgotten it exists.
After a while you get bored just sitting and being an imaginative soul you decide to do something to fill in your time. A painting perhaps (the walls do look a bit bare), or some sewing (a cushion would help the sitting), or some cheery bunting, or you could make some jewellery or a cheeseboard or . . . or . . .

Where innovation is celebrated and the imagination set free.

Today is the opening day for this brand new retail venture in Napier, Hawkes Bay. Brought together in just 2 short weeks by a business partnership of 5 makers (4 of them New Zealand Handmaders) - Andy Heyward (Fat Spatula), Nicola Coulter (Coulter and Coulter), Peter Coulter (Reclectica), Michelle Ransom (Circo), and Mel Stothers (Wildflower Designs).
The Department of Curiosities and Fine Things promises to be a truly different experience for shoppers - themed throughout in a 'times past' government office department-overtaken-by-creative-wonderfulness style. There are over 20 individual makers and creators' products on display.

Come find us at 14 Hastings Street, Napier (opposite the Cathedral), open Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm.


The all important office 'props'

Serving Counters with a difference (Fat Spatula and Circo in background

Fat Spatula

Just a taste of the fabulousness within The Department of Curiosities and Fine Things


  1. How wonderful. All the best with your new venture.

    1. Thank you so much Alex - fab venue, great sellers, awesome products, fun theme :-)

  2. This is so very exciting! I wish I could visit in person. Keep us up to date with all your success!

  3. I can't wait to come in for a gander!

  4. Love it! Will definitely visit next time we are in Napier :)

    1. Please do Julie, and let us know who you are when you come in :-)


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