04 July 2010

Getting Back on Track...

I’ve been battling with creative self-doubt. I find myself sitting with numerous containers of beads around me second guessing myself about what colours, hues, and shapes to combine. Ahhhhh!!!
I decided to break it down a bit to get to the source of the problem…

I love composition and have no problems coming up with designs (in fact sometimes I wake up and have to hurriedly sketch ideas down while still fresh in my mind), and I’m totally confident with technique (practice, practice, practice!).

But for some reason, when I come to sit down and bring the sketches to life, surrounded by a dozen or so bead storage trays, I’ve started to doubt myself…”hmm.. maybe I should use the Swarovski pearls instead of freshwater”… “would it have more impact if I used red tones “..

I think not having a designated ‘work space’ is half the problem, my lounge floor tends to be my creation area and it may allow me to sit cross-legged in a cosy warm, family-filled environment, but it sure doesn’t help efficiency!!

So, I’ve decided I will make the following resolutions to get myself back on track:

1. I will select certain designs and stick to making those (and only those) until they are finished.

2. I will trust my 1st instincts with colourways.

3. I will give myself 10 minutes (timed!) to pick out the majority of beads I’m going to use for a big piece. 5 minutes for anything smaller.

4. I will create at the dining table (still in the lounge but one colour (unlike our stunning ‘80s carpet), and therefore less likely to cause visual overload and lost beads!)

5. I will have a ‘destash’ on trademe. There are some beads and findings I’ve had awhile that really don’t inspire me and I’m unlikely to ever use, but I bet they will be treasures to someone else .

How about all you other creative peeps out there – have you ever had this problem? Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

(I’ll let you know how my resolutions go on my Wildflower blog in a couple of weeks!)

(Mel - Wildflower Designs)


  1. I think its a great idea to go with your first instinct. If I have a good idea I tend to make 6 of them at one time, this then allows for a bit of "stock" to develop, just in case a weekend market, or craft fair comes up. Just love your first design, cheers Marie

  2. I am constantly riddled with self doubt... but I think it is just part of being a creative soul and I think we need it every now and again.

    I like your list of five things to get yourself back on track... sounds like a good plan.

  3. I'm having a massive case of this at the moment. Usually I just wait it out, and keep my half done canvases where I can walk past them so my subconscious stays on the case, but I like your idea of a list of actions to help yourself out of it. Might give that a go! Lovely website too. :)

  4. It is encouraging, if a little surprising, to see that you too have periods of self-doubt and second-guessing yourself on your designs, I'm forever doing that, but usually find that after hours of faffing around its that first idea I had which is the one I go back to! Having a dedicated space to work in is also really helping me and I'm sure having your table to work at will be the same. Love the idea of the list!

  5. Self doubt goes with the territory unfortunately..go with your instincts and you will be fine:)


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