07 August 2010

What's On My Table?

I currently have an obsession – it can be called nothing less as it absorbs a good deal of my thought during my (non jewellery) working day, has taken over my ideas sketch book, and has caused sore fingers and totally ruined fingernails – WIRE.

Call it what you will - wire-work, wire-wrapping, wire-weaving, wire-knitting – I’m into it all! It is amazing what you can do with even a small length of this skinny, round, rather innocent looking medium.

I recently ordered some new colours and gauges of wire to feed my need, along with some divine Swarovski bicones and a little chain. Dying to get to work on it, I hit a rather large road-block, my workspace(s) in our lounge has been completely taken over by the entire contents of our kitchen (old cupboards, benches and fridge included) while work commences on our new kitchen/dining area!

So forced into a wee corner with limited access to my tools and supplied, I have been focusing on perfecting technique – Viking knit being a particular favorite at the moment. This ancient technique literally came from the Viking era. You only need a piece of dowel (or even a pencil), your wire, and some patience.

Various colours & gauges of wire in 'Viking' knit

I wonder – would anyone be interested in me doing a Viking Knit tutorial in a future post? Do let me know.

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  1. Hi Mel, I would love to know how to create a Viking knit, I am amazed that such beauty in a chain can be made with just wire and a pencil? cheers Marie

  2. I think there would be a lot of interest in a tutorial! You are so talented, these pieces are beautiful!

  3. Mel, the spiral pendant looks great! Love the viking knit! Would love to know how pure silver wire would behave?

  4. yes please... count me in for a viking knit tutorial. I hope your kitchen is finished soon.


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