22 March 2011

Made It Here - Craft Jam for Christchurch

Right here in Hastings live two women who have gone and put themselves out there to organise events of not only regional interest here in Hastings but national!

In December they started Fruit Bowl Craft Jam which, over the two days it was held, proved to be a phenomenal success for Hawke's Bay Makers. Then they saw a need and on 22nd March - the month anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake which saw so many people displaced and lives lost - the Craft Jam for Christchurch was held.

This was an amazing evening of auctions, craft stalls, wine and socialising to raise money for the appeal, all with a civil defence type of theme. Stalls were set up in suitcases and trunks.

Jo and Jess you are an example to us all of what can be done with a little imagination and a whole lot of give it heaps!

Crowds at the December Fruit Bowl Craft Jam

A suitcase of goodies at the Craft Jam for Christchurch

If you would like to follow them and where they head next in their crafting venture then head to the website

Joy @ kazzalblue


  1. What an amazing pair Jess and Jo are and very impressed with Jess's husbands auctioneering skills! It was fabulous to be part of the Craft Jam in December and great fun to attend at last night's special fundraiser as a buyer. Yet again - every detail thought of and enjoyed by all :)

  2. Wasn't it great how they went with the civil defence theme. Must say it was a bit of a challenge to fit a table full into a suitcase, but they all looked fabulous and gave those attending the event such a point of difference from other craft markets :)



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