15 March 2011

March Silver Retreat in Haumoana, Hawkes Bay

During last weekend, Charmayne’s studio was filled again with a bunch of great people- a special time to come together and exprience two days of creating original jewellery pieces!

Divided into two groups the ladies made absolutely stunning silver jewellery- one group concentrating on Saturday on traditional silversmithing techniques, the other to learn about the magical transformation of Precious Metal Clay into solid silver jewellery.

The following day they swapped tutor and medium.

Being part of such a group is very inspiring!

People have so varied backgrounds, develop different ideas and in observing what is made by others and listening into discussions of what is possible, they come up with their own unique designs.

Not all could stay for the yummy dinner on Saturday night, so we had a very special “leftovers” lunch on Sunday.

At the end of the day all pieces were presented for a photo session and everyone shared their thoughts about the weekend.

Have a look at the jewellery pieces, aren’t they gorgeous?

Charmayne and Ingrid feel privileged being able to meet such nice and enthusiastic people!

There will be another “Silver Retreat” in the near future, at www.silverschool.felt.co.nz you can find out details for it!

by Ingrid of Silverworks


  1. What delightful creations, cheers Marie

  2. These creations sure are delightful, I agree with Marie! I'd love to be a part of the next one... efforts shall be made!


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