13 March 2011

Realistic Painting Workshop - Book Review

Dan Carrel uses a Transformational painting method, in this Step by Step painting workshop

His methods dispel the myth of inborn talent and reminds you how to play simple visual games that access your innate creativity.
By using a simple process of layering and learning how to create light and shadow with paint, complex and sophisticated images emerge
He talks about topics like, using both sides of the brain, rules for shutting down the critic, understanding the visual alphabet, creating chaos, using fractals, and lots more.
I found this book very interesting, I looked at nature differently.
I spotted it in my local library

Realistic Painting Workshop - by Dan Carrel - Published by Quarry Books 2010

Marie   Softearth's world

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  1. Really makes me want to find more time to draw Marie. I haven't done that since I left school ... so a long time. Great find!


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