31 May 2011

7 sisters...

I decided a while ago to do a series of characters/sisters, I thought I would develop a name, personality and life for each of them.  I have started two of them so far...


This is Ariadne... she spends most of her days tending her sheep and wandering around a labyrinth, she carries a ball of red wool in her pocket which her mother spun for her so she can find her way out again.  She is very quick on her feet and is ever so clever, as she would need to be to navigate herself and others through the endless labyrinth and away from the dark beast... who lives in a dark fort on a hill in the middle of the labyrinth.


And this is Genevieve...she is an inventor of handy machines, especially flying ones.  You can usually tell when Genevieve is inventing, she will be wearing her special flying goggles (she says it helps her focus).  The other sisters think she should probably wear them all the time as she can be a little absent minded and clumsy when not inventing, but she is very handy to have around in the type of emergency where you need a device (especially a flying one) very handy indeed.


  1. Your art is amazing Katherine, such depth and originality, cheers Marie

  2. I love them! Your girls are gorgeous.

  3. They are both beautiful and their characters come to life with your descriptions! Brilliant!


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