29 May 2011

Dunkley Great NZ Craft Show - Napier

In April this year I decided I wanted to be part of the Dunkleys Craft Show when it came to Napier, I had never done anything like this before. After contacting the lovely people at Dunkleys (who were great with advice and support) it dawned on me that this was a big event and I needed to get a lot of jewellery made. I had a few moments of what have i done, what if nobody likes my jewellery and what if I don't sell anything!!!!! There seemed to be so much to organise, make and order. A couple of times I started to feel quite overwhelmed and had some sleepless nights.

Finally the day arrived where I could go to Centennial Hall @ McLean Park and check out my booth and set it up. This was great fun and luckily my cousin was able to help carry in everything and work out how we were going to set it all up. It didn't take as long as I expected and we were all ready to go in no time.

The weekend proved to be incredibly busy and successful for me, alot of jewelley was sold and a few times I had people 3-4 deep waiting to look at my stuff. Luckily I had my daughter and a friend to help with the many customers, they both were fantastic and worked incredibly hard for me. I have made lots of new contacts have been invited to some bigs events coming up. Since the Craft Show I have received orders from people that saw me and also alot of positive feedback.

A fantastic experience that I will definately do again next year and probably other "big" shows that come to Hawkes Bay!!!!


  1. Well that is just great Jo, it is great when ones creations sell so well, you must have been so pleased. Your stall looks real cool, Cheers Marie

  2. I'm so pleased it went so well for you! The stall looks awesome too.

  3. I would say that your stall was probably the most popular one there!!! Great weekend and I am very pleased you did so well.


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