10 November 2013

A Conversation with Nicola of Stitch Hot

Nicola is the creative behind Stitch Hot - a fab brand featuring gorgeous accessories for women and with a sustainable edge as Nicola uses repurposed and reclaimed materials in her creations making them truly special and unique.  She shares a glimpse into her creative world here...

Who is Stitch Hot?
Stitch Hot is me, Nicola. I’m a Mum to two beautiful girls, with a strong creative part of me that no matter what excuse I come up with, just won’t go away. So, after years of flip-flopping around between different ideas and business names I’ve decided to cut the excuses loose and just get on with it! The name Stitch Hot comes from the expression, “s*** hot”, which means something is awesome, excellent.

What’s your “handmade groove?”
Definitely repurposing. I’ve become quiet the hoarder in the last few years, thinking “that would make a great accent for something” or “that fabric is just too pretty to waste any of it!”. I love the idea of creating something new and beautiful from something that otherwise would have been thrown away. I like to think of each of my products having a story, a sort of trash-to-treasure tale I guess.

What’s on your bedside table right now? (hey, no tidying up or censoring)
3 books that are taking an embarrassingly long amount of time to get through, an alarm clock that I only use for the time not the alarm, a touch lamp because I’m too lazy for the switch kind, a tub of my daughter’s emulsifying wax for her eczema (GREAT for my dry hands!), two hair ties, 2 bobby pins, an empty ziplock bag, a coaster, a drink bottle sitting next to the coaster instead of on it, and a used tissue…

Who are your creative role models? What music, books, images, poetry spark your creative fire?
There are a couple of American women who run very successful blogs that I have followed for a long time. Dana from MADE (www.danamadeit.com) and Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional (www.craftinessisnotoptional.com). These two women, along with many, many others, are so incredibly talented, and somehow find the time to maintain their blogs to such a high standard, write books, create beautiful patterns to sell along with lots of free tutorials, and that is on top of being a wonderful wife and mother to 3 children each. People like this remind me every day that if I really, really want to, I can fit in what I want to do with the demands of being a stay at home parent. It is possible to fulfill your creative desires as well as your maternal ones.

What could you talk late into the night about with like minded people?
Human behavior and social interaction. People are so interesting! I’ve done a few papers on the subject and thoroughly enjoyed it. If I wasn’t busy creating stuff and I didn’t have to study and do exams to get there, I’d be a psychologist.

If you could go to three free workshops/creative events this year which ones would they be? What are they about?
When I’m making clothes for myself without a pattern I make a lot of mistakes and alterations, so I’d love to learn pattern drafting. I also enjoy learning new cooking techniques and recipes so cooking classes is another thing I’d love to find time for. Also, I want to go to Te Papa and have a good long look at the WOW exhibit, I always come home so inspired and full of ideas after seeing things like that. I’m hoping to have time for this one next week.

How do you balance your creative life with your family, life commitments?
This is a tough one for me. Often my creative side gets pushed to the back, but I’m learning to be more organised with my time, and to say no sometimes to be able to do what is most important to me.

What is your favourite creative screw-up?
If I’m creating something, and make a mistake, but it actually works and I don’t have to unpick it, I’m happy!

Kitchen table or studio?
Studio-ish. I share a room with my husband and his computer desk. My sewing desk, cutting table and shelving take up about three quarters of the room, but luckily he is ok with that. I’m very spoilt. Although I work best when I’m alone, so I often work on the coffee table in the lounge in the evenings while watching tv if he is working.

Do you have a wish list? Can you tell us what’s on it?

At the moment, not really. I always really wanted an overlocker, but I managed to get one early this year.

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