04 January 2011

Moving into A New Year

Let me start by saying .....HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011, here we come.

New Zealand Handmade has now been going for just over 6 months and we've experienced amazing growth and support from you all (right around the globe!) - a big, huge thanks to you from us.

We thought we'd share our most popular posts of the last few months....

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The start of a new year always leads me to reflect on the year gone, what I achieved, and where I want to head. I think this is true of a lot of us. We'd love the hear what you've achieved and your creative plans for 2011... do share.

Also, is there anything in particular you'd like to read about (from us) this year? Please comment on this post or drop us a line @ info@newzealandhandmade.co.nz.

Happy creating,

Mel (Wildflower Designs)


  1. Hi Mel, Well last year was so busy for me, I created needle felted wonders all year, and sold out, so that was real cool. This year I hope to do the same, and increase my blog presence to the world, people seem to be interested in my life, and my it is great being a part of the New Zealand Handmade team. Cheers Marie

  2. I want 2011 to be busy, to be full and fun and I want to put my hand up for everything.

  3. Katherine, I envy your energetic start into the year. I just want my 2011 to be organised and more predictable. Great to be part of the team! Ingrid

  4. ahh 2011 is my year of affluence, success and lashings of joy. It is sharing the love, living the true journey of my heart, dreaming big and making it happen. Its a return to designing and facilitating workshops that excite me. Launching my website, e-courses and loving even more relationships into being. AND travelling with the women who inspire, motivate and support me with my dreams. The women who help me dream BIG dreams into reality ...ok, that's me


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